New Look. Same Mission.

To fully understand Foundation Disc Golf, we need to go way back to the beginning. In the Fall of 2017, Paul McBeth and Hunter Thomas threw around the idea of opening a pro shop. It was going to be online but also serve mainly as a local hub to grow the disc golf community around us to the full potential that we knew it had. This led us to one clear name. Foundation. We chose the name Foundation because we knew that a community, a players game, and a business all needed to have one thing at the very core in order to be successful. A strong foundation. Fast forward to the spring of 2019 and that dream became a reality. Paul was with Foundation from the very beginning and acted behind the scenes outside of his YouTube and signing appearances because he wanted to grow something without using the name he had built for himself. This led us down several different paths until we found our groove on YouTube and poured our time and energy into growing the channel and in turn growing the business. The idea was to have entertaining videos that introduced people to the sport and gave them general knowledge that they needed so that they would purchase the right tools for their skill level and know what steps needed to be taken to improve.


That mission and drive behind the business have not and will not change. With the addition of Brodie Smith as an owner in the business and Paul deciding to officially attach his name to the brand, you will see the focus of Foundation shift to a market we never had direct access to before. The new players. This is where Foundation is meant to be. With Paul and Brodie leading the charge, we can now take the foundation that we laid over the past year and a half and build something that will truly grow the sport. Here we can accomplish what we always dreamed about from the beginning. We will be able to reach players who are just learning about disc golf and show them what steps and tools they can take and use to improve their game while also providing entertainment and a strong community to the players that have been in the sport for years.


With such a big change, we knew we needed a new look. The rebranding allows us to be more appealing to the masses while still keeping our roots intact. As Foundation moves forward, you will see the YouTube channel, Podcast, Patreon, and store kick into a new gear! Content quality will see improvement, podcast formats and shows will evolve, patrons will experience access and tiers that were never possible before, and the disc releases will get hotter and hotter. The new ownership opens so many doors that it is hard to predict what the future looks like exactly, but we know one thing for sure…


The Foundation has been laid. Now it’s time to build.

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