Trevor's Too Early MPO Top 20

(The following rankings are purely the opinion of Trevor Staub)

#20 - Brodie Smith

#19 - Scott Withers

#18 - Simon Lizotte

#17 - Jeremy Koling

#16 - Anthony Barela

#15 - James Conrad

#14 - Austin Hannum

#13 - Paul Ulibarri

#12 - Drew Gibson

#11 - Garret Gurthie

#10 - Adam Hammes

I still haven’t figured out Hammes completely. Young and talented no doubt, but hasn’t proven to be a dominant force on tour yet. I think this is season where we might find out if he has star potential, or is just another solid tour player. I just can’t quite see him winning on the DGPT this season, but I have no doubt he will post plenty of solid finishes.

#9 - Kyle Klein

Kyle Klein is the most promising player on tour at the moment. He reminds me plenty of Eagle, young and can throw every shot. He made a splash on tour last season, but this year he will have expectation to deal with, so I’m curious to see how he deal with pressure. Definitely seems like a future star regardless.

#8 - Nate Sexton

Nate is my biggest wildcard this year. We all know he is a solid player, but a year away from the tour could leave him with a bit of rust to shake off. That being said, Nate plays a very fundamental game, and I would expect him to be notching top ten finishes before long. Personally, I’m just excited to watch him play again.

#7 - Nikko Locastro

Nikko has been making waves on tour for a decade now. Though many players from his heyday have faded, Nikko is still gracing leaderboards and headlines with a combination of skill and personality. Many know that I love Nikko because he’s a character on a tour full of much more quiet personalities. But aside from his antics on the course, Nikko has enough talent to steal a few wins in 2021 if he plays his absolute best.

#6 - Kevin Jones

Besides having the coolest nickname in disc golf, and throwing exactly like me, Kevin has plenty to offer. He hasn’t tallied up too many wins on tour yet, but as his confidence grows, his natural athleticism is beginning to shine. Though KJUSA is still outside the top 5 for me, I have no doubt he could win a major in 2021.

#5 - Chris Dickerson

Chris really stepped up his game last year. I’ve always known he was a capable player, but I wasn’t convinced he was a top five player until last year. His performance at USDGC proved that he can beat anybody in the field on arguably the biggest stage in our sport. Chis has consistency that will lead to another season where he is constantly knocking on the door of victory.

#4 - Eagle McMahon

I’ve been saying for a while now that Eagle is the most talented thrower the tour has to offer. All he is lacking is that killer instinct to close out big victories. I believe he can win from time to time, but he hasn’t shown me that he can win the big events when the lights are brightest. If he can figure it out his mental game, nobody can throw with him.

#3 - Ricky Wysocki

After a struggle with Lyme disease, Ricky seems to be almost back to his normal self, and that should be terrifying for the rest of the field. Some may have forgotten the Ricky of old, but I sure haven’t. If he can get his putt back to where it was a few years ago when he took two world titles, there is no reason he can’t dominate the tour in 2021.

#2 - Calvin Heimburg

Somehow I feel like Calvin is still being slept on. One of the most consistent players on tour, Calvin is constantly a threat to win at any given event. He has a well rounded game, and nerves of steel. Probably the best putter as of right now, and that goes a long way on the scorecard.

#1 - Paul McBeth

I still haven’t seen enough to convince me that Paul McBeth isn’t the best player on the planet. Aside from his physical talent, I have yet to see anyone harness the mental side of the game the way he has. I just can’t bet against him. (especially when I just bet $20 he won’t finish outside the top 3 this season.)

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  • Pop Pop

    Just wanted to say thank you I’m an older player got into it by watching y’all’s videos thank you Hunter, Trevor, and Brodie thank you so much I really do love the sport now because of you

  • Ajay Marquardt

    Love the vids keep it up

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