Who We Are

Foundation Disc Golf was founded to be a retail store that provides players with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed on the course. We accomplish this by putting out content that helps players learn how to play the game we all love and providing a retail store that they can find the discs and accessories that will help them on the course. For professional players, we hope to provide custom stamps and sponsorships that help support them and keep them on the road where they can promote and grow the sport we all love. At the end of the day, we want this store to feel like your store and for our customers to be proud to represent us on the course. 

Our Team

Paul McBeth

Team Captain, 4 - time world champ, 2 - time US champ

Emerson Keith

Up and coming touring pro, several A-Tier wins and NT top 10 finishes

Hannah McBeth

Touring Professional, Collegiate All American