Five Reasons Why You Should try the Discraft Vulture

Approved in 2018, the Discraft Vulture (10/5/0/2) is an excellent disc to bridge the gap between a fairway driver and distance driver. While it's one of the more underrated discs in the Discraft lineup, the Vulture is a disc that more intermediate to advanced players should take a look at. Here are a few reasons why:


Let's face it: some discs feel TERRIBLE on forehand shots. It can be tough to find a disc that has a comfortable feel for both backhand and forehand throws, and it's a subjective thing, but the Vulture has an incredibly smooth feel to it. For the versatility alone, the Vulture could make its way into many player's bags. 


Depending on your arm speed, the Vulture can take many forms. Part of what makes it such an interesting disc is the variety of flights attainable to it. At higher speeds, the Vulture is a neutral, straight-flying disc that will hold any line. However, it has the fade to fly as an overstable driver for slower arms. "The Vulture was the first overstable driver that had a spot in my bag as a beginner," said Brad Jones, VP of sales at Foundation. "It didn't have the early 'dump' of something like a Firebird or Felon but was stable enough to be reliable in the wind. Useful overstablilty was an important milestone that I was able to reach with the Vulture." Experiences like Brad's are what makes the Vulture such a valuable disc -- particularly for intermediate players looking for a disc with a touch of stability.  


The Vulture is in a very interesting spot as far as speed goes. At a 10 speed, it could be classified as a fairway driver or a distance driver, and serves as a great in-between option for shots that could go either way. 


One of the Vulture's calling cards is the control it provides. Whether you have a powerful arm or you're still working on that distance, you know what the Vulture will give you. That makes it a perfect disc for carving up wooded courses and hitting tight gaps. As Hunter demonstrates in this video, there's so many shot shapes that the Vulture can hit: 


As seen in the video above, the Vulture also has an ample amount of glide to it. This can help give it that extra kick of distance for slower arms, as well as keep it in the air longer for those long, sweeping anhyzer shots. The glide rounds out what is a solid disc for intermediate and advanced players alike.



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