Stop Throwing Overstable Forehands

I understand. It is easy to grab a Firebird, Raptor, Destroyer, or something like it and just rip it out on a flex line with your forehand. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you want your forehand to really improve and start having more control, then disc selection is one of the keys. We will be releasing a video that breaks down the forehand form on our YouTube channel next week, but hopefully, over the article, I can explain the importance of disc selection in your forehand.

The first thing the disc selection will help you improve is angle control. If you use an understable disc or a neutral disc, throwing on anhyzer will result in poor throws that cut roll out. This forces you to focus on the release angle and keeping your wrist from rolling. Depending on your forehand form, this may be a very frustrating process. Stick with it as it will be worth it. Doing fieldwork with understable discs will force your forehands to be smooth and controlled in order to get results.

The second thing disc selection will do is help you increase your forehand shot shapes. With overstable discs, shot selection is limited because the end of their flight is always wanting to fight back and finish hard. Understable discs allow you to throw pushing hyzers, flip-up forehands that finish straight, and smooth shots that emulate a backhand in situations where you don’t have the angle or space to throw a backhand. 

The final thing that disc selection will improve is your control. Overstable discs cut down on the amount of touch and speed control required to accomplish good shots. This is why they are such a common choice for newer players. Going to slower and less stable discs will force you to have more speed and spin control in order to accomplish upshots and control the flip of the discs as they fly down the fairway. These flights and shots are best learned through trial and error. You won’t watch a video or read this article and then magically be able to throw a touch shot with your M4 from 250 feet out on a rope. 

The video next week will walk you through the form required to get results out of these discs, but the good thing about working with them is that they will show you when you mess up and when you hit it right. There is nothing more satisfying than throwing a perfect hyzer flip forehand line and watching it cruise down the fairway. If you want to take your game to the next level, start throwing forehands with discs that you right now would never touch for a forehand line and see what happens!

Some good discs to start working with are the Avenger SS, River, Mako 3, Essence, Origin, or the Sol. Really anything that you have that is straight to understable will do the trick and get you on the road to a better forehand! 


  • Dan

    Here’s my advice: make yourself a more versatile player by learning both ways. The truth is, you need way more technical understanding when you can simply perfect your form both ways, learn to trust them, and then have the flexibility to throw the natural shot.

  • Wes

    One thing that really helped me develop my forehand form, was to practice with nothing but putters. When I felt confident, I switched to drivers and man what a difference it made.

  • Allen

    I was just telling myself that I needed to work on my forehand. Maybe in the video you can talk about drills

    Y’all do great work

  • Kevin McGrath

    Absolute truth, and have said similar things when watching friends and others just try to muscle the fastest most overstable discs. I’m RHFH mostly and made the same mistakes. As I continued to play I found my better shots are coming from more understable to stable discs compared to the more OS stuff. It also helps reduce potential injuries, as I’ve watched these same friends have problems on and off with their arms as they try to force their throws. Many times I can flip a relay to flat and get farther than those trying to muscle the newest fastest OS driver.

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