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The Latitude 64 Claymore is a great neutral flying mid. Players will love its straight flight with a great glide and subtle finish. This disc is a great example of a point and shoot disc that loves to just fly straight. 

Flight Numbers

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

Customer Reviews

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Best neutral mid, no argument.

If you want a neutral flying mid range disc that will help show you what your release angle is, get a claymore. If you want a mid to teach you how to hyzerflip, get a claymore. If you want something that beats in to a disc that will fly laser straight, get an opto claymore.

I seriously can’t say enough good about the claymore. The best advertisement is that it’s the go to mid for Kristin Tattar.

The only thing I’ve noticed lately that’s annoying, is I’m finding less and less stock claymores because the KT tour series ones sell so well, they seem to be pushed more. But any claymore is amazing and worth the extra penny if you can only find the KT ones.

As with all my reviews, this will be a staple in my bag with no chance of ever leaving.