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Our Mission

Foundation Disc Golf strives to provide disc golfers of all skill levels the tools and resources they need to build their game and grow their community. We accomplish this by providing informative and exciting content, customer-centric retail operations, and community-focused support.


Our community, dubbed 'Foundation Nation', is what drives every decision we make as a company. One of the things that makes disc golf so fun is getting to enjoy it with others. We aim to bring like-minded individuals together to bond over a common love for disc golf! We provide events, platforms, and content with the goal of cultivating a welcoming community for you to get plugged into both online and locally!


We set out to create a unique retail experience both online and in-person. Our goal is to serve the Foundation Nation with all of the discs, tools, accessories, and apparel needed to build their game. We have developed sorting and searching features to make it easy to locate what you want and created Foundation Care that allows people to try a disc out for 30 days to see if it is right for them and revolutionize the way you shop for discs!


When we started in 2019, the disc golf social media landscape looked a lot different than it does now. We saw a need for entertaining content with players that didn't take themselves or the game too seriously and could lean into the fun that we all enjoy on the course. As die hard disc golf fans, we also saw the need for real conversations about the professional side of the sport. This sprouted our YouTube channel and over time evloved into our podcast network, main channel, review page, blog, and much more! We now are able to provide multiple pieces of content everyday to keep the sport entertaining and engaging for all audiences. 

We exist to provide disc golfers of all skill levels everything they need to build their game

Meet our team

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Brodie Smith



Hunter Thomas

Co-founder and CEO

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Trevor Staub


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Brad Jones


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Jason Collins

Head of Customer Experience

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Konner Kennedy

Videographer and Editor

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Silas Isaacson

Videographer and Editor

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Robbie Crawford

Content Creator

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