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Our goal with this shop is to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to grow your game. Essentially, we are creating what we wish would have existed when we started playing. We have a family mindset with our community and team and want to see everyone grow. That is the same mindset that went into the name "Foundation." We believe in starting small and dreaming big. Everything must start with a strong foundation if it is expected to grow and be strong. This is especially true with disc golf! If you start playing with good advice on form and knowledge on what disc to choose, you will be miles ahead most beginners! This mentality is not just for beginners either. For upper level amatuer players, if you start shifting your mind to think like a pro, you would be amazed at the results you can achieve in your game. For pros we hope to help in a number of different ways. We want to provide quality tournaments with good payout and we also want to expand our team over the years to give professionals the ability to get on the road and make a name for themselves. We also understand that no matter what level you are at, we can only help but so much if you do not have the right tools in your hand and the knowledge on how to use those tools. That is why we are also going to have a ton of content geared towards shot selection, disc reviews made with each skill level in mind, and form breakdown videos.

I hope to provide our customers with a great experience purchasing through our site. We want to use this store as an opportunity to provide quality content to the disc golf community and grow the sport together. One of our main focuses at Foundation is to provide quality content for free on our social media sites and hope that people will, in return, support us on the site. -Hunter Thomas

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