Discraft Zone Review

Overstable approach discs should be a staple in any player’s bag. The reliable fade and wind resistance of a stable putt and approach disc make this slot a staple for disc golfers around the world. However, one of these discs has separated itself from the rest over the years: the Discraft Zone

The Zone was one of the first discs of its kind, opening up a whole new world for players. It’s easy to see why – overstable approach shots are among the most predictable and repeatable in the game. Although there are plenty of similar discs on the market such as the Westside Harp or the Prodigy A1, the Zone has a few characteristics that set it apart from the rest.

Mold and versatility

The Zone has a comfortable hand fit on both backhand and forehand shots, making it a versatile disc for whatever is needed on the course. Whether it’s thrown on backhand or on forehand, the Zone will maintain the consistent fade it’s known for. 


Discraft offers the Zone in a wide variety of plastics that can fit the needs of anybody. From the durable Ti plastic to the grippier Jawbreaker blend and plenty of other plastics, there’s a lot to choose from.  


Where a lot of discs become too flippy after being beat-in, the Zone keeps its fade to the bitter end. As Hunter and Trevor demonstrated here, a seasoned Zone typically flies straighter and farther before still fading out. 


The Discraft Zone has become the gold standard in the approach game. Oftentimes, players will compare other discs to the flight of a Zone – that speaks for itself. Whether the disc is fresh off the shelf or beautifully beat-in, every player should try out a Zone. 

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