Top Selling Disc Golf Discs - June 2024

Here are the top selling disc golf discs on our site from June of 2024

A few things to keep in mind when consuming the data below. We had a custom stamped Bogey Bros Destroyer release and sell out during the month of June. The Robbie C Birdie Blend Wizards have been incredibly popular in addition to the normal Wizard sales. The Staub Maub Zone OS released in June. We had a Clash Discs focused video hit our YouTube Channel alongside a restock that helped boost their numbers. 
  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Gateway Wizard
  3. Simon Line Time-Lapse
  4. MVP Detour
  5. Innova Gorgon
  6. Discraft Zone OS
  7. Discraft Zone
  8. Discraft Buzzz
  9. Axiom Crave
  10. MVP Tesla
  11. MVP Glitch
  12. Discraft Swarm
  13. Latitude 64 Pure
  14. Innova Wraith
  15. Prodigy Pa-3
  16. Clash Discs Cookie
  17. Axiom Envy
  18. Discmania FD
  19. Axiom Rhythm
  20. Clash Discs Wild Honey
  21. Axiom Insanity
  22. Discraft Zeus
  23. MVP Dimension
  24. Discmania DD
  25. Discmania DD3

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