Top Selling Disc Golf Discs - May 2024

Here are the top selling disc golf discs from our site in May of 2024.

Some things to note with this list. The Discraft Swarm saw its first release on our site with the Presnell Tour Series drop happening in May. The Time-Lapse, Detour, Tesla, and Entropy were all a part of a big MVP release with the pre-orders included in this list. We also had custom stamped Bergs, Rhythms, Glitch, and Echos hit the shelves in May. 

  1. Discraft Swarm
  2. Simon-Line Time-Lapse
  3. MVP Tesla
  4. Kastaplast Berg
  5. Discraft Buzzz
  6. Latitude 64 Grace
  7. MVP Glitch
  8. Axiom Rhythm
  9. Latitude 64 Pure
  10. Axiom Crave
  11. Discraft Drive
  12. MVP Detour
  13. Discraft Zone
  14. Trash Panda Inner Core
  15. MVP Entropy
  16. Discraft Hades
  17. Latitude 64 Diamond
  18. Prodigy Pa-3
  19. Discmania P3x
  20. MVP Watt
  21. Discraft Zeus
  22. Discraft Kratos
  23. Discraft Venom
  24. Streamline Echo
  25. Discraft Buzzz SS


Did any of these surprise you?

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