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The Buzzz mid-range disc golf disc is designed with a beadless rim, providing you with a comfortable hand feel and a straight flight path. Its reliable and predictable flight pattern makes it perfect for both amateurs and professionals.


Flight Numbers:

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

How It Flies for Us

  • The Buzzz has earned a reputation as one of the premier midranges in disc golf over the last few decades, and I think there is a good reason for it. A new Buzzz in my hand is a disc I can throw hard and trust a nice straight flight with a soft, but reliable finish. But this disc really shines after some wear and tear when it becomes a hyzer-flip machine that will soar past even some of your drivers.  - Trevor (Foundation Personality)
  • The buzzz is my favorite midrange that has the most comfortable feel with a dead straight flight that can hold both a hyzer and anhyzer angle. - Kyle (Foundation Employee)


Jawbreaker: This is a higher-end baseline plastic. It will still offer the grip of baseline with a slight increase in the durability of the plastic. Jawbreaker tends to offer a little bit of a softer hand feel compared to some other baseline plastics. Most comparable to Fractal, Classic Burst, or Electron Swirl plastics.


X: Discraft's X-line plastic offers a great in between for people looking for some of the grip of baseline with some of the durability of premium plastic. It will beat in quicker than premium while having more grip. It is most comparable to Innova Pro-line plastic.


Z: This is Discraft's see-through premium plastic. Most comparable to C-Line, Proton, Champion, or Lucid, this plastic offers great durability with an adequate amount of grip. Typically discs in this plastic will fly true to or slightly more overstable than the flight numbers


ESP: This is Discraft's opaque premium plastic. Most comparable to S-Line, Neutron, Star, or Fuzion, this plastic offers similar durability to Z but with a tackier hand feel. Typically discs in this plastic will fly true to or slightly less stable than the flight numbers.


Titanium: Discraft's Titanium plastic offers you the increased durability of Z with some of the grip from ESP. Will fly closer to ESP instead of Z plastic typically. This plastic is most comparable to Shimmer Star, Plasma, or 500 plastics.


Big Z: This plastic is a perfect blend of Z and ESP. It offers a pearly look with a blend of features from Z and ESP. Typically discs in this plastic will fly true to the intended flight. Most comparable to Luster, Hybrid, and 400g plastics.

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Pack
Very Happy

Disc was exactly as described. Came quickly!

Best midrange ever

This is my go to for straight midranges. Came so well packed by foundation!