Pre-Order | Eclipse R2 Nomad - Halloween Edition

Pre-Order | Eclipse R2 Nomad - Halloween Edition

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This is a pre-order. We do not have a specific date as to when we will be receiving these to ship out. Not all retailers get them at the same time so we might be the first to receive and ship or the last. Color, stamp, and weight will be random but can be requested.

It’s been said that on rare occasions, in the light of the full moon, James Conrad can be glimpsed stalking the wilds. Glowing eyes, glinting fangs, terrifying claws, and a truly impressive amount of luscious hair. Always hunting for his next birdie - you can bet he’ll find it

First up in our terrifying double feature, Green C Studio casts James Conrad - the nicest man you’ll ever meet - as the Wolfman! With a straight-stable flight, perfect for maintaining whatever angle you throw it on, and a rim sporting blue glow - you can be even more confident during your glow rounds with the first ever Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad.

Like the moonlight unleashing the beast within, light up the fairways with your very own Eclipse R2 Neutron Nomad!